Be Video Confident. Learn to be the face of your business.

We will give you the confidence and skills to write, film and make your own videos. Starring you!

Do you need videos for your social media?

Haven’t got a clue where to start?

Does the thought of presenting your own videos scare you?

The Be Video Confident course unlocks the world of video for business, and gives you the mindset, skills and confidence to make and present great, effective films for your business.

Unleash the power of the smart phone in your pocket

We’re at an exciting time, more than ever before, anyone can start making films. No longer do you have to be held back by a lack of professional equipment or even experience. We will teach you to set up your home studio, film yourself on your smart phone and make videos on your laptop.

Beat camera shyness, be the face of your business.

Guided in our live webinars, using pdf downloads, online videos and assignments you will build your confidence and gain the mindset to write and present your own business videos.

Learn anywhere and anytime

Be Video Confident course is guided, step by step learning over 5 weeks with unlimited replays of online video tutorials,  downloadable pdf worksheets, live webinars and a 1-2-1 with Anna or Jola. You will also meet with your peers at the live webinar tutorials, or replay the recordings online and continue learning at your own pace.

Thank you… just to have the technical knowledge to do this stuff is amazing for me. It’s something I have wanted to do for so long… now I can actually make these films as an an individual.

Watch out for me on the social media!

Paul Deacon, International Toastmaster
Be Video Confident Course March 2021

Meet your Trainers Hi! I'm Jola, I'm a live stream presenter, international media trainer and media professional. A couple of years ago a photo was posted on Facebook. It was of the pioneering BBC computer graphics design team. The first people in the world who used computer graphics. Someone was missing. Someone from the team had avoided being in the photo. It was me. I finally beat my camera shyness in 2020 when I designed the course that can teach you too how to Be Video Confident, to be the face of your business and make your own videos.

Jola Piesakowska Media Professional / Skills Set

I am a media professional working with 30 years experience in video and TV branding, TV commercials and corporate films. I’m also presenter of the live stream The Be Video Confident Show, and an international media trainer. I’ve always taken pride in empowering others and getting strong performances on screen …always behind the camera. I devised this video making course and I can help you find the confidence to step in front of the camera to be the face of your business. Sign up to Be Video Confident let me teach you the personal confidence and the tech side of quality video making using your smart phone and laptop and show you that you too become the face of your business.

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    So what's in the Be Video Confident five-week course? 25+ video tutorials, 9 live webinars, pdf worksheets and a 1-2-1 with Jola.

    • 25+ on demand online video tutorials with unlimited replays
    • 9 live online meet ups
    • Downloadable pdf worksheets
    • 1-2-1 with Jola
    • Build up your on screen confidence guided and supported
    • Learn video tech skills : set up your home studio and learn to film yourself using your smartphone
    • Script and edit a business video and build a portfolio of video making skills
    • Put aside 4 hours a week to complete your weekly assignments
    • Post your videos to a Facebook private group for peer support and feedback
    • Access to the online tutorials for 6 months


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